Our People

Jitendra Hirani

Jitendra Hirani, PE


At Hirani Engineering's forefront stands Mr. Hirani, boasting an extensive 38-year tenure in engineering. His expertise spans across structural engineering, safety protocols, and adept construction management. He holds a remarkable track record of spearheading pivotal capital enhancement ventures for various prestigious entities including Federal agencies, NY State, NY City, and Long Island municipalities. His project portfolio encompasses diverse realms such as building renovations, bridge restoration, highway advancements, and comprehensive site engineering. Moreover, Mr. Hirani excels in the domain of Design/Build methodologies and consistently champions Quality Assurance and Quality Control measures within Hirani Engineering projects.

Neil Hirani

Neil Hirani

Chief Operating Officer/Innovation Officer

Neil, a vibrant entrepreneur and seasoned businessman, embodies a legacy rooted in engineering and entrepreneurship from a young age. Under the guidance of his engineer and business-owner father, Mr. Hirani delved into the realms of business, investments, construction, and engineering. His passion gravitated towards pioneering technology-driven initiatives encompassing instrumentation, software integration, BIM, Lidar scanning, Photogrammetry, & Ground Penetrating Radar. Witnessing soaring sales, He spearheaded a dedicated division focused on emerging industry technologies, now an indispensable driver of our company's evolution. While his primary focus remains on leading technology-centric projects, he has showcased his prowess in implementing cost-effective strategies across core company departments. This includes Surveying, CMCI, Engineering, FISP, Technology, Special Inspections, Material Testing, and Administration, significantly bolstering profitability. Neil firmly believes that success lies in harmonizing the wisdom of conventional methods with the cutting-edge technology available today, a principle he ardently champions within our company's ethos.

Jay Gewirtzman

Jay Gewirtzman, PE

Executive Vice President

Bringing a wealth of experience, Jay became a part of Hirani in 2015, initially joining as the Vice President of the Construction Inspection and Management Division. Before joining our team, Jay dedicated 35 years to a major NYC firm, where he played a pivotal role in the growth and oversight of their extensive 600-person New York City office. During his tenure there, Jay excelled in driving profitability, overseeing key hires, nurturing client relationships, spearheading business development, and managing the day-to-day office operations. Recognizing his outstanding contributions, Jay earned a well-deserved promotion to the role of Executive Vice President at Hirani. In this capacity, he has been instrumental in refining operational strategies and played a pivotal role in the development of standardized managerial procedures for both Hirani Engineering and Land Surveying."

Matteo Pietrobelli, PE

Director of Engineering

Holding certifications as a Certified Project Manager and a Certified Systems Engineer Professional, along with Professional Engineering Licenses across multiple U.S. states, Matteo brings a wealth of experience and dedication to engineering innovation and sustainability to Hirani. His entrepreneurial prowess is evident through the establishment of four pioneering companies. He spearheaded Audaces Systems, focusing on complex physical and digital system design and integration. Matteo led groundbreaking advancements in 3D printing concrete structures at Nomogram and revolutionized aeroponic and hydroponic vertical farming with Agripublica. His adeptness at navigating research, development, and commercialization underscores his dynamic problem-solving abilities. Matteo's professional repertoire encompasses intricate infrastructure projects such as implementing structural health monitoring systems on notable structures like the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and the New Delta Terminal at LaGuardia Airport. He has collaborated extensively with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, contributing expertise in core systems engineering, bridge infrastructure, and life support systems. Additionally, he served as the Chief Technology Officer at OCEANIX, overseeing the design of floating platforms. His academic achievements are equally impressive, holding Master of Science degrees in Systems Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Project Management.

Adam Szenk, RA

Director of Building Envelope Services/Forensic Department

Adam brings more than 26 years of architectural experience to the Hirani Team. This includes a comprehensive suite of services related to building conditions, from design, to budgeting and scheduling for projects, to actual hands-on inspection, and review and preparation of documents/drawings. He has extensive experience with building codes and zoning laws, and many specialized disciplines, like advanced workplace energy/utilities/connectivity comparables, environmental risk assessment, management of LEED progress improvements, and feasibility studies. Adam is well versed in the rules, regulations, and operating procedures of many of the largest local agencies in the FISP sphere, including NYCDEP, NYCHPD, NYCSCA, and NYCDEC.

Jason Johnson, LS

Director of Land Surveying

Jason, with a BA in Graphic Design, ventured into Land Surveying during the peak of COVID in 2020, obtaining his licensure during this challenging time. He has further expanded his skill set by acquiring his Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. Residing in New Fairfield, Connecticut, alongside his wife and two children, Jason's passion for surveying sprouted from his deep-rooted love for the outdoors and engaging in activities like camping, hiking, and biking.

Kirill Korostelev, PE

Director of Material Testing and Special Inspections

With a wealth of experience gleaned from involvement in significant construction projects across the tri-state area, Kirill brings a comprehensive understanding of various construction facets, including technical expertise, project delivery, and business development. His expertise shines in specialized areas such as special inspections, geotechnical engineering, and adept project management. With a lineage deeply rooted in the industry, as the grandson of an architect and the son of a general contractor, Kirill embodies a legacy where the construction world runs in his very DNA.

Zenith Shah, CCM, PMP

Director of CI/CM

Zenith brings an extensive wealth of expertise in Construction Management, Scheduling, and Project Controls, honed during his tenure at leading multinational construction firms. With a robust 15-year background in the industry, Zenith has dedicated his efforts to proficiently managing the delivery of intricate infrastructure and transportation projects.

Jaime Benavides

Director of Geotechnical, Environmental, and Monitoring (G.E.M.)

Jaime is well known for his expertise and hands-on approach that leads him to be able to ensure projects are completed on time, and efficiently, and does not compromise on quality. His focus has been on technology and being able to adapt to today’s market needs and as Director of G.E.M., he has been able to implement new technologies and methods for performing Vibration Monitoring, Settlement Monitoring, Crack, Monitoring, Ground Water Monitoring, Tilt Monitoring, Ground Penetrating Radar, CCTV Inspections, Dust / Air Monitoring and Sampling, Weather Monitoring, and Geotechnical Testing and Sampling.