The Studio Museum Harlem is a new 5-story, 82,000 SF American art museum devoted to work of artists of African descent. The new museum will contain a larger and enhanced gallery space, dedicated art receiving area, store and café, operations offices, and a climate-controlled gallery preparation suite.

Additional Services:

Lab testing for Concrete and Masonry

Replacement of 4 escalators at 2 locations in the Boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx and the replacement of 18 escalators at 7 locations in the Boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan.


Package A: Replacement of Four Escalators at Two locations – Inspection services provided by Hirani:

Concrete Cast-in-Place

Fire-Resistant Penetration and Joints

Standpipe Systems

Structural steel – Bolting & Welding


Package B: Replacement of Eighteen (18) Escalators at Seven (07) locations – Inspection services provided by Hirani:

Additional services:

Lab testing for Concrete and Masonry

The work performed under this contract consisted of design and construction of accessibility upgrades to the Livonia Avenue Station Canarsie Line on IRT Division in the Borough of Brooklyn.

The majority of the work consisted of Installing new elevators, building a new overpass for future connection to 3 train lines, installing new stairs, replacing existing mezzanine to platform level stair, steel repairs, signal work, extension of existing control house, and installation of a new stormwater drainage detention system.

Inspections covered by Hirani on this project consisted of Structural Steel Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing of Structural Steel, Concrete Steel Reinforcement, Concrete Sampling and Testing, Concrete Laboratory Testing, Masonry, Masonry Laboratory Testing, Soils, Fabricated Items, Stormwater Disposal and Detention System and Fire Resistance Penetrations and Joints.

The project includes a new maintenance shop, administrative offices and support buildings, track work with associated DC power connections, furniture and equipment and move in services.

The new Clifton Shop facility will include four maintenance tracks with overhead cranes, wheel truing machine, DC power stringer system and other maintenance-related equipment. It will also include ancillary spaces on first floor for utility rooms, machine shop, and a carpenter shop; offices on a partial mezzanine floor; administrative offices, area locker rooms and other support areas on the 2nd floor; a supply room, storage area and related offices on the partial third floor; and HVAC equipment on roof.

The design and construction has a contract duration for achievement of Substantial Completion within forty three (43) months from the date of the Notice of Award.

The existing Clifton Shop facility was constructed on landfill in a marshy area and contains several structures including the following:

The site lies within New York City Flood Zone 1

Hirani provided Special Inspection and Material Testing Services for NYCT and the Staten Island Railway for the Clifton Car Maintenance Shop at 45 Bay Street in the Borough of Staten Island.  The project consisted of demolition of the exiting shop facilities and, design and construction of a new rail car maintenance shop approximately 93,300 square feet to replace the existing multiple building facilities currently in use.

44-36 Douglaston Parkway is a new 54-unit Condo community in 91,355 SF area with 8-stories (2-stories below grade).

Inspection Services provided by Hirani:

Additional Services:

Lab testing for Concrete and Masonry

The Work performed under this Contract was done as a design-build contract.  The scope was as follows:

Hirani provided the following services:

The project will remove an upper level to transform Penn Station, which was last rebuilt in 1968, into a single-level, 450-ft-long train hall with higher ceilings, wider passageways and natural light. Currently, there are ceilings as low as 7 ft in some areas. The plan calls for 18 additional escalators and 11 more elevators to move passengers off train platforms faster and more safely. New entrances and underground passages connecting to 34th Street and Herald Square in Manhattan will also be added.

Hirani will provide the following services:

The Work to be performed under this project as a design-build contract is as follows:

Hirani is providing the following services:

The Work performed under this Contract was done as a design-build contract.
The scope was as follows:
⦁ Replacement and modernization of two (2) tower elevators systems including associated lighting in the elevator cabs, shaft way and landings and new enclosure of elevator shaft. Existing elevator systems to be replaced with rack and pinion type systems.
⦁ Installation of new weather resistant shaft enclosure façade, relocation of existing elevator shaft conduits, lighting and associated hardware
⦁ Replacement of Elevator Skeleton platform lighting and marine navigation lights under roadway
⦁ Abatement and painting of eight main sheaves
⦁ Miscellaneous Mechanical and Electrical system upgrades and replacements
Hirani provided the following services:
⦁ Inspected civil and structural work and confirmed that it was constructed in accordance with the approved contract documents and shop drawings.
⦁ Verified that materials and equipment delivered to the job site were in accordance with the approved contract documents.
⦁ Provided office engineering.
⦁ Provided Special Inspection for the Contractor (Kiewit)