CB-30 Cross Bay Bridge

The Work to be performed under this project as a design-build contract is as follows:

  • Strengthening of the CBB Main Spans 3 to 7
  • Install a Structural Support System to provide Redundant Support for the CBB Drop-In Span:
  • Structural Repairs to the Girders at CBB Ramps; reinforcement and high strength concrete.
  • Replace CBB South Pedestrian Ramp:
  • Installation/Monitoring of Structural Health Monitoring/Weigh-In-Motion (“SHM/WIM”) equipment to monitor the weights of trucks.
  • Installation of Prototype Aluminum Grid Deck Panels at MPB:
  • Miscellaneous Repairs of structural elements at both MPB and CBB including but not limited to the piers, abutments, girders, decks, bearings, steel trusses, railings, barriers and conduits

Hirani is providing the following services:

  • Inspect civil and structural work and confir, that it is constructed in accordance with the approved contract documents and shop drawings.
  • Verify that materials and equipment delivered to the job site were in accordance with the approved contract documents.
  • Assist with office engineering.