Design and Construction of Clifton Shop

The project includes a new maintenance shop, administrative offices and support buildings, track work with associated DC power connections, furniture and equipment and move in services.

The new Clifton Shop facility will include four maintenance tracks with overhead cranes, wheel truing machine, DC power stringer system and other maintenance-related equipment. It will also include ancillary spaces on first floor for utility rooms, machine shop, and a carpenter shop; offices on a partial mezzanine floor; administrative offices, area locker rooms and other support areas on the 2nd floor; a supply room, storage area and related offices on the partial third floor; and HVAC equipment on roof.

The design and construction has a contract duration for achievement of Substantial Completion within forty three (43) months from the date of the Notice of Award.

The existing Clifton Shop facility was constructed on landfill in a marshy area and contains several structures including the following:

  • A Multiple Unit Equipment (MUE) Shop with four tracks
  • A Storage Building with an administration area
  • A Diesel Engine Repair Shop with three tracks (one is common with MUE Shop).
  • A Paint Shop with one track
  • Utility sheds
  • Storage Containers

The site lies within New York City Flood Zone 1

Hirani provided Special Inspection and Material Testing Services for NYCT and the Staten Island Railway for the Clifton Car Maintenance Shop at 45 Bay Street in the Borough of Staten Island.  The project consisted of demolition of the exiting shop facilities and, design and construction of a new rail car maintenance shop approximately 93,300 square feet to replace the existing multiple building facilities currently in use.