BIM Services

In the ever-evolving construction market, Hirani has shown adaptability by embracing new technologies to enhance client service. Demonstrating a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the US construction industry, Hirani has expanded its service offerings. The integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) represents a significant advancement, incorporating cutting-edge software connectivity and 3D scanning to create a collaborative environment across various technical disciplines. Through surveys and laser scanning, Hirani can generate detailed 3D CAD models that incorporate architectural, structural, and MEP services, allowing for early identification of utility conflicts, logistical concerns, and scheduling conflicts during the design and planning phases. These BIM models are continuously updated throughout construction to monitor progress and post-completion to facilitate building system management and maintenance.

Headquartered in Hicksville, New York, Hirani Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C. has been a trusted provider of consulting and construction services to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry for over 30 years. With a strong presence in the New York Metropolitan area, Hirani’s market sectors have expanded to encompass transportation infrastructure, buildings and facilities, and municipal engineering. Their comprehensive Building Information Modeling services cater to the AEC industry, offering specialized solutions to enhance the design, construction, and management of buildings and infrastructure projects. These services leverage advanced software tools and technologies to foster collaboration, facilitate decision-making, and optimize project workflows.

Through advanced software and techniques, Hirani identifies clashes and discrepancies within the 3D models early in the project lifecycle. This proactive approach allows for swift resolution of conflicts, reducing costly delays and rework during construction.

Moreover, Hirani’s expertise extends to tracking subcontractor issues throughout the project duration. By implementing robust project management systems, Hirani ensures adherence to project timelines and quality standards.

By integrating all these services, Hirani offers a holistic solution that streamlines project management and enhances overall project outcomes. Clients benefit from improved coordination, reduced conflicts, and enhanced project transparency, ultimately leading to successful project delivery.

Some of our BIM related Services during construction involve but are not limited to:

  • 3D Modeling (LOD100-LOD500)
  • Scan to As Built BIM Modeling
  • 4D Tracking
  • BIM model updates throughout construction phases
  • Subcontractor issue tracking and management
  • Engineering Coordination and Clash Detection (ACC/NAVISWORKS)
  • Revit Templates and Library Development
  • BIM Execution Plan Development
  • Collaboration on BIM360/ACC platforms
  • Quantity extraction from 3D Model
  • BIM Management and BIM Coordination