Civil/Site Engineering

At Hirani Engineering, our Civil Engineering services are at the forefront of infrastructure development, embodying a holistic approach that prioritizes sustainability, functionality, and positive community impact. Our experienced team delivers solutions that not only meet today’s needs but also anticipate tomorrow’s challenges, ensuring long-lasting value and resilience.

Service Offerings:

Site/Civil: Our site/civil engineering capabilities encompass comprehensive master planning, site development, and infrastructure design. We focus on creating harmonious integrations between projects and their environments, enhancing the natural and built surroundings through meticulous planning and innovative design solutions.

Grading, Drainage, & Sewer Design: Efficient water management is critical to any project. Our designs effectively address grading, drainage, and sewer needs to prevent flooding, manage stormwater, and ensure proper wastewater treatment, thereby protecting properties and ecosystems.

Stormwater Design: We engineer advanced stormwater management systems designed to capture, treat, and reuse stormwater. Our solutions mitigate environmental impact, improve water quality, and support sustainable water resource management practices.

Sanitary Sewer Design: Our sanitary sewer designs focus on the efficient and safe conveyance of wastewater. By incorporating the latest engineering practices, we contribute to the overall health of communities and the protection of natural water bodies.

Highway & Roadway Design: We specialize in the planning and design of highway and roadway networks that enhance urban and rural connectivity. Our designs prioritize safety, efficiency, and traffic flow, incorporating smart technologies and green engineering practices to create resilient transportation infrastructures.

Traffic Studies & Analysis: Our traffic engineering experts conduct comprehensive studies and analyses to inform roadway design and traffic management strategies. By understanding traffic patterns and behaviors, we optimize road safety and efficiency, reducing congestion and enhancing commuter experiences.

Maintenance & Protection of Traffic (MPT): During construction, maintaining traffic flow and ensuring public safety are paramount. Our MPT plans are developed with meticulous care, minimizing disruptions and safeguarding both construction workers and the public.

Underground Utilities Design, Interferences & Relocations: We provide detailed planning for underground utility networks, addressing potential interferences and coordinating relocations to prevent service disruptions. Our approach ensures the continuity and reliability of essential services.

Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Design & Inspections: Our environmental engineering services include strategies and designs to prevent soil erosion and manage sedimentation. Through careful planning and regular inspections, we protect soil and water quality, aligning with environmental conservation efforts.

Builders Pavement Plan (BPP): Durable and sustainable pavement is foundational to infrastructure longevity. Our pavement designs are tailored to each project, ensuring high performance, low maintenance, and environmental sustainability.

Code Compliance Review: Adherence to codes and regulations is non-negotiable. We conduct thorough code compliance reviews to ensure all aspects of our civil engineering designs meet or exceed industry standards and legal requirements.

Design Peer Review: Through our peer review services, we offer an additional layer of scrutiny and expertise, evaluating civil engineering designs for adequacy, accuracy, and innovation. This process fosters project success and client confidence by identifying potential issues early and recommending actionable solutions.