Construction Engineering Services

Understanding the complexities and dynamic nature of construction projects, Hirani Engineering offers a suite of Construction Engineering services designed to address the critical needs of construction phase engineering. Our team brings extensive experience and innovative solutions to the challenges of constructing safe, efficient, and cost-effective structures. Our services support the seamless transition from design to reality, ensuring project success even under the most demanding conditions.

Hirani’s key Construction Engineering Services include:

Temporary Structures Design: We specialize in the design of temporary structures critical to construction projects, including scaffolding, formwork, and temporary supports. Our designs ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with all regulatory standards.

Crane Engineering: Understanding the pivotal role cranes play in construction, we offer comprehensive crane engineering services, including crane selection, placement planning, and the design of crane foundations. Our expertise ensures optimal crane operations, enhancing safety and productivity on site.

Shoring and Underpinning: We provide engineered solutions for shoring and underpinning, essential for maintaining structural integrity during construction. Our designs prioritize safety while accommodating project-specific requirements and ground conditions.

Demolition Engineering: Our team delivers strategic demolition planning and engineering services, focusing on safety, environmental considerations, and efficient material disposal. We devise methodologies that minimize impact on surrounding structures and communities.

Excavation Support and Earth Retention: We design and oversee the implementation of excavation support and earth retention systems, ensuring stable and safe excavation sites. Our solutions are tailored to the soil conditions and project constraints, leveraging techniques like soldier piles, lagging, and tieback systems.

Construction Site Safety Solutions: Recognizing the importance of safety in construction, we develop and implement site-specific safety plans, including fall protection, load handling, and site traffic management. Our approach integrates safety into every aspect of construction engineering.

Project-Specific Engineering Consultations: For unique project challenges, our team provides specialized engineering consultations, offering innovative solutions to complex problems encountered during the construction phase.

Peer Review Services: Our experienced professionals conduct thorough reviews of engineering documents, plans, and calculations, offering critical insights and recommendations. This service aims to validate the integrity, safety, and efficiency of project designs, facilitating a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential issues before they impact the construction process