Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Hirani Engineering works with our clients to generate environmental solutions and comply with regulatory compliance requirements, in order to overcome obstacles created by contaminated/hazardous sites.

Hazardous Material Survey(s): Hirani’s personnel are licensed and experienced when it comes to performing required inspections to identify and evaluate the presence of materials that could be harmful to the health and safety of onsite personnel. Hazardous materials cover a wide spectrum including asbestos, lead, mold, mercury, PCB’s, rodent/bird droppings, radioactive materials and more.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments: Hirani performs comprehensive Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in accordance with the US EPA Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries and ASTM guidelines. Hirani provides these services to assist the client in gathering sufficient enough information to develop a professional opinion regarding the possibility of environmental contamination at the site, which may impact the property value or ability to construct upon the land.

Phase II Environmental Site Investigations: If Areas of Concern (AOC’s) arise from the Phase I ESA, or, for due diligence purposes, the client would like an understanding of the subsurface characteristics at the site, Hirani performs a Phase II Environmental Site Investigation. Hirani performs Phase II ESI’s to evaluate the presence, or absence of, soil and groundwater contaminants, such as petroleum products or hazardous substances on site. Hirani’s personnel are trained and licensed to develop the work plan and perform this work in accordance with ASTM guidelines and other applicable regulatory requirements. This service may include:

  • Phase II Work Plan(s)
  • Soil Sampling, Characterization & Field Analysis
  • Groundwater Sampling
  • Soil Vapor Sampling
  • Phase II Investigation Report

Soil Characterization for Hazardous Waste: In the event that a client would like to excavate and transport materials off site to an approved disposal facility, Hirani provides waste characterization services to determine if the in-situ materials to be removed off site are allowed for reuse or disposal as per RCRA hazardous waste characteristics regulations.

Lead & Silica Air Monitoring: Hirani performs air monitoring services in accordance with OSHA regulations to ensure that worker and pedestrian safety regulations are followed. Hirani has licensed Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) in house to oversee and manage work directly related to the health and safety of our clients and their projects.

CAMP Monitoring: Hirani performs community air monitoring which requires real-time monitoring for total organic vapors and particulates (dust) at the downwind perimeter of each designated work area. when specific activities are in progress at contaminated sites. Hirani performs these services under the supervision of qualified and licensed professionals that have decades of experience doing this work.