Land Surveying/Geospatial Services

Hirani’s Land Surveying/Geospatial Division has nine (9) field crews plus ten (10) office technical support staff comprised of highly qualified personnel who are all supervised & managed by licensed land surveyors. Our field-crews are all members of the International Union of Operating Engineers & Land Surveyors, IUOE 15-D, (AFL-CIO). Our in-house office technical staff consists of Survey Technicians, CADD drafters, 3D Modelers performing surveying calculations for field crews and preparing drawings models and reports. We have two (2) ASPRS Licensed Photogrammetrists and four (4) licensed land surveyors on staff overseeing the work product.

Hirani has been successful in delivering a diversified array of land surveying projects including – Topographic Surveys, Geodetic Control Surveys, Global Positioning Surveys, Planimetric/Utility Surveys, ROW Surveys, Settlement Surveys, Final As-Built Surveys, Property Line Surveys & Construction Layout Surveys. Included in these types of Land Surveys are various forms of the following: Digital Terrain Models, Horizontal & Vertical Control Reports, Abstract Request Maps, Acquisition Maps, Engineering Base Mapping, and Three-Dimensional Monitoring Reports. Hirani has expanded our Survey Division to include Geospatial technologies of LiDAR (terrestrial/mobile), Photogrammetry and Hydrographic to deliver many different mapping products. Terrestrial or mobile LiDAR captures light reflected off of surfaces to create point clouds. This data is captured by instruments on tripods, moving vehicles and aircraft platforms. Photogrammetry utilizes digital cameras and other sensors to create digital images from which surface features can be extracted with the same accuracy as traditional surveying but with the added benefit of safety for field personnel. For coastal waterways, lakes and rivers, Hirani can employ bathymetric instruments to produce maps of the surface under the water.

Hirani’s expertise developed by the geospatial team of experts allows for the integration of technologies employing best practice techniques to provide accurate 3D mapping solutions.