Local Law 11

Local Law – 11/98 Façade Inspections

Hirani Engineering specializes in the critical examination of all parts of all exterior walls and appurtenances (such as balconies) of buildings greater than six stories in height. The company’s work focuses on the exterior of existing structures, diagnosing, and resolving deterioration within facades, roofs, windows, waterproofing, terraces, on all types of structures including but not limited to residential buildings, offices, commercial facilities, parking garages and historic landmark structures.

NYC Local Law 11 of 1998 is a law requiring the inspection of the facades of the buildings six stories and higher. It calls for engaging a licensed architect or engineer, known as a QEWI (QUALIFIED EXTERIOR WALL INSPECTOR) to perform a critical examination of the exterior of a building to determine its condition and whether the exterior facades and the appurtenances are safe, unsafe, or safe with a repair and maintenance program (SWARMP); and whether, in the judgment of QEWI, they require remedial work. New York City Department of Buildings requires filing of Local Law -11/98 inspection reports in five-year cycles. To be compliant with the law, a building owner must have the exterior façade and appurtenances of their building inspected by a QEWI on a timely basis and file a report of building facade condition within the building’s required cycle.

Hirani Engineering and Land Surveying P.C. (Hirani) has inspected numerous buildings and has filed Local Law -11/98 inspection reports with NYC Department of Buildings for the past decade. Hirani employs a staff of licensed professionals and trained and highly experienced façade inspectors, and structural engineers to provide quality service to our clients.

Local Law 11 and Façade Inspection Clients

Hirani has provided Civil Engineering services for the following clients:

  • NYC Housing Authority
  • NYC Economic Development Corporation
  • Numerous confidential private building owners