Monitoring & Instrumentation

Monitoring & Instrumentation

Hirani Engineering implements numerous cutting-edge technologies to provide clients with monitoring and instrumentation for collecting data on-site or remotely during construction.

We provide the following monitoring services in accordance with the NYC Building Code including compliance with Technical Policy and Procedure Notice # 10/88 for historical buildings:

Condition Survey: Hirani will perform a survey of the site including the adjacent structures to document baseline conditions prior to and after construction. We carefully photograph and survey the structures making it easy to compare the baseline conditions with conditions during or after construction.

Monitoring Plan: In accordance with NYC Building Code 3309.16, Hirani engineers will develop a site and structure specific monitoring plan consisting of:

  • the scope and frequency of monitoring
  • acceptable tolerances and reporting criteria
  • a drawing noting the location of all crack and vibration monitors.

Crack Monitoring: The pre-construction condition survey establishes which visible cracks are to be monitored. Hirani inspectors read the crack gauges that have been affixed to the cracks, and report movement readings in millimeters along with a photographic documentation report for each gauge. Hirani can also install automated craw meters to remotely monitor cracks to allow for more frequent readings and provide access to an online dashboard from client viewing.

Optical Monitoring: Hirani provides New York State licensed union surveyors to install optical monitors on buildings adjacent to the construction to monitor vertical and lateral displacement. A field report documenting displacement is generated and

submitted for each visit. Hirani can also set up and install automated motorized total station systems on or adjacent to the project site to remotely collect optical monitoring readings. This system allows for more data sets to be collected which can provide a better understanding of the natural trends of movement and can allow of signs of movement to be seen sooner.

Vibration & Sound Level Monitoring: Hirani provides seismographs to monitor vibrations around the clock at the job site. A text or e-mail is automatically sent to the contractor when the pre-determined threshold is exceeded. In addition, waveform recordings of the vibrations can also be provided. Weekly reports including the highest vibration reading reached for each day are prepared. The reports can be tailored to meet our client’s needs. Also, Hirani can also pair a ISEE Sound level Microphone to the vibration monitoring system to record A-weighted readings which provide an excellent correlation to the human response to noise at low to moderate sound levels. Hirani can provide these readings in L10, L90, Leq, Lmin, AND Lmax format.,

Ground Water Level Monitoring: Hirani offers technical skills in providing in-ground piezometers to perform groundwater elevation monitoring. Hirani provides data collection and data reporting of monitoring systems in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Air Monitoring: Hirani installs, maintains, and supports Air monitoring systems that can be used to monitor dust/air levels in accordance with project-specific requirements as well as regulatory requirements. Hirani can deploy automated systems as well as provide on-site personnel to perform monitoring tasks. Air monitoring provides crucial information that aids in protecting the safety of occupants and the surrounding areas during construction activities. Hirani can create CAMP “Community Air Monitoring Program” under the direct supervision of a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

Tilt Monitoring: Hirani installs, maintains, and supports automated bi-axial tilt meters or Tilt Beams which are used to monitor vertical rotation, deflection, & deformation of structural elements. Readings are scheduled at a specified interval and data is wirelessly uploaded to our cloud platform for near real-time viewing of displacement readings.

Weather Station Monitoring: Hirani provides automated Weather Stations and Data loggers for a wide range of applications. Our systems measure rainfall, wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure and wirelessly transmit data directly to our cloud platform or any other online data management system.