RIIS Park Breakwater

RIIS Park Breakwater

Hirani Engineering & Land Surveying, PC provided professional Structural and Civil Design Services relative to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the existing breakwater at Riis Landing, a dock located just west of Marine Park Bridge at the northwest corner of Jacob Riis Park in Queens, New York, part of the Jamaica Bay Unit of the Gateway National Recreation Area managed by the National Park Service.

The landing is a former U.S. Coast Guard Station currently serving as the passenger terminal for the ferry connecting Rockaway to the Brooklyn Army Terminal and Wall Street in Manhattan. The breakwater protects the ferry terminal and a government regulatory agency marina.

Design services included the construction and repair of a timber and steel breakwater at the Riis Park Landing in Jamaica Bay. The breakwater was in poor condition and missing approximately 60 feet of steel sheeting and timber piles. Hirani reviewed site data and designed a new breakwater for the lost portion of the breakwater, and design of repair for those areas of the breakwater where sheet piles where corroded through and missing components allowing for passage of water and contributing to a shoaling problem with the ferry basin.

Hirani also provided land surveying services during the design phase.Hirani completed construction drawings and specification for the work to be completed, and provided oversight during the construction period.

Owner: National Park Service

Project Highlights:

  • Park Facilities
  • Pier Rehabilitation
  • Environmental
  • Land Surveying
RIIS Park Breakwater